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We Provide Various Major Services that covers All Phases of Your Projects

Comprehensive Service Capabilities

Remote Service Capabilities

Scientific Solutions company can deliver a remote service session when on-site access is not possible. From a customer’s own location in the plant, they can use the provided headset and tablet, in the SCSO CO. Remote Services Kit, to connect and communicate allowing them to resolve issues safely and efficiently,

Advanced Valve & Instrument

Scientific Solutions company’s service technicians utilize some of the most advanced diagnostic and calibration tools available on the market to ensure your valves and instrumentation are running at optimum efficiency.


  • Evaluation of inquiries and proposal preparation.
  • Evaluation of existing plant instrumentation & mechanical specifications.
  • Identification of problems.
  • Proposal for new schemes to improve productivity and efficiency of the plant  


  • Contracting.
  • Project management.
  • Development of detailed P. & I.D.
  • Preparation instrument schedule.
  • Tag listing, Unit-wise, Area-wise, Plant-wise.
  • Data sheet & specification sheet.
  • Detail sizing and calculation.
  • G. A. Drawing of panel, rack, desk, PDB & JB.
  • Control & equipment room layout.
  • Software applications.
  • Wiring drawing of panels.
  • Instrument loop schematic drawing, Cable schedule / Cable routine layout  

AT Delivery

  • Instrument, electrical & mechanical list / supply.
  • Procurement management.
  • Inspection, testing.
  • Site management.
  • Mobilizing trained and experienced manpower.
  • Establishing test set up at site.
  • Pre installation testing.
  • Tubing, wiring, laying, & Termination


  • Installation / Calibration / Loop checking.
  • Software implementation / Alarm reports
  • Wiring and field installation.
  • Pre commissioning.
  • Start – up & Commissioning

After site services

  • Spare parts support.
  • Onsite training.
  • Installations. 

Field Sales Team

The field sales team is based all around Iraq in locations that allow us to provide our customers with local support. They are there to be called upon to provide both technical and commercial assistance and can visit with you whenever required.

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