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Revamping of Crude Distillation Unit #1

Start Date
February 7, 2018
End Date
February 7, 2019
Ministry of Oil, Heavy Engineering Equipment State Company
Maysan Refinery Company — Maysan, Iraq.

Scope of Work

The contract was content the upgrade system for Crude Distillation Unit in Missan Refinery, our duty was building the new engineering for this unit then supplying all equipment that was required to complete upgrades for the instruments and Electrical units and the scope was including factory acceptance test (FAT) which is mean our contractor should be visit the factory with the end-user to check the all system with technical facilities in control and MCC cabinet and get the approval then we can start the shipping procedures.

Al-Rasikh Company for Trading and Commercial Agencies and Assembling of Control & Distribution Electrical Boards Ltd.



The manufacturers who they helped us in this project and supplied the equipment as shown below:

  • Siemens / Germany / The Builder and supplier for MCC and Power Factor Cabinet.
  • Yokogawa / Japan / The Supplier for Controllers and Recorders systems.
  • PHB Automatizacija d.o.o. / Republic of CROATIA / Control Cabinet Builder according to our engineering.
  • NVENT ERCO International Corp. / USA / The supplier for Earthing System equipment.
  • Flei S.R.L. / Italy / The supplier for Power and Control Cables.
  • Flowserve / USA / The Supplier for Control Valves.
  • Magnetrol / USA / The Supplier for Level Items.
  • RTK / UK / The Supplier for alarm system for control cabinet.
  • Technor / Italy / The supplier for Junction Boxes and Fittings.
  • Wika / Germany / The supplier for measuring flow items.
  • Vertiv / France / The supplier for UPS system.




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