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Repair of Concrete Surface of Expansion Joint on Chimney #1

Start Date
December 26, 2019
End Date
February 25, 2020
Gama Power System Engineering and Contacting INC
Hartha Power Station Unit 1 — Basra, Iraq

Scope of Work

SCSO Co. carried out all concrete repair works in control room on Unit 1 Chimney and supplied all required materials and provide all required machinery and equipment to execute the Works.

SCSO Repaired of Concrete Surface of Expansion Joint on Chimney is certificated, trained by the component authority. SCSO was responsible for the rehabilitation and maintenance of relevant lines and zones to prevent the working area from the dust and concrete Works were executed by strictly observing and following the quality, health, and safety requirements in accordance with the local, Turkish, and international regulations, legislations, laws, Specifications, standards, codes, and the like, as per the Subcontract Agreement.


Our Activity

The Repair Work Procedures of the Damaged Concrete at the Entrance of Stack was including but not limited to:

  • The repair Plan of the Embedded Metals of the Stack
  • Since the concrete of the stack is become fragile by the chemical attacks of boiler exhaust gas, existing embedded metals had been almost removed.
  • It is difficult to repair the damaged concrete while keeping the fire brick, therefore the locations of the anchor bolts will be shifted outer on the healthy concrete area.
  • Surface cleaning by high-pressure water and chipping of damaged concrete.
  • Remove existing anchor bolts and support plates.
  • Check of Alkali content in the concrete by using the phenolphthalein solution.
  • Installed additional stud bolts for the adhesion between new and existing concrete.
  • Installation of the wire mesh and connection with stud bolts.
  • Installation of the chemical anchor bolt for the duct connection.
  • Surface finishing by acid-resistant paint.

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