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NDT Service

Start Date
July 28, 2018
End Date
September 28, 2018
Gama Power System Engineering and Contacting INC
Hartha Power Station Unit 4 — Basra, Iraq

Scope of Work

Scope of Works to be executed by SCSO including but not limited to supervision, testing, interpretation of the films and the reports, quality control, quality documentation, handling of documents, the supply of necessary equipment of NDT Testing Works

NDE Testing work items are given below;

o   NDE Testing Works

o   Radiographic Examination

o   Ultrasonic Examination

o   Penetrant Examination

o   Hardness Test

o   Magnetic Particle Examination


It was our responsibility to properly plan the Works inclusive of, but not limited to, safety requirements, quality requirements, equipment selection, and the number and skill level of direct and indirect personnel.



WORKS: means NDT, UT, RT, MT and HT tests includes supply of equipment required, transport and workmanship services.

NDE (Non-destructive Testing Examination): means including RT, UT, MT, PT and HT as defined under specifications and drawings.

UT (Ultrasonic Testing): means Ultrasonic testing and all services to be supplied with regard to Ultrasonic testing

RT (Radiographic Testing): means Radiographic testing and all services to be supplied with regard to Radiographic testing

MT (Magnetic Particle Inspection): means Magnetic Particle Inspection and all services to be supplied with regard to Magnetic Particle Inspection

HT (Hardness Test): means Hardness Test and all services to be supplied with regard to hardness test

“Piping” means all the components that constitute a piping system, such as pipes, fittings, flanges, gaskets, bolts, valves, steam traps, expansion joints, in-line components, specialties (including temporary items, e.g. dummy pieces) and instrumentation, etc.

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