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Architectural Works in Turbine Area

Start Date
October 22, 2017
End Date
November 22, 2017
Gama Power System Engineering and Contacting INC
Hartha Power Station Unit 4 — Basra, Iraq

Scope of Work

SCSO carried out all Architectural Works in Turbine Building and supplied all required materials and provide all required machinery and equipment to execute the Works.


  • Supply and provide of all required tools, hand tools, consumables, materials.
  • Providing all required health and safety materials (including but not limited to; all safety warning signs, tags, band, strip and all required health and safety materials) and ensure use of health and safety materials
  • Supply, installation, checking, inspection, maintenance, modification and dismantling of scaffolding required for execution of the Works.
  • Removing of rubbish and scrap materials.
  • Surface preparation and cleaning before applying the painting or vinyl plastic
  • Repairing the damage concrete in turbine house area
  • Supply and install vinyl plastic floor for the turbine house area
  • Dismantling storage room in the ground floor of boiler and remove all materials and transport to storage area of Hartha Power Station.
  • Transportation of materials and equipments
  • Two engineers experience with architectural works
  • Catering services for the workers and staff