01 October, 2019

Flowserve Product F.A.T.

Multiple Inspection activities were done at Flowserve Jebel Ali, Dubai Facility as part of the “Supply of control valves” project for SRC (South Refineries Company)

The Following inspection activities has been done at Flowserve Jebel Ali, Dubai Facility

  • Assembled Hydro Test (In completely assembled condition).
  • Seat leak test.
  • Functional Test including open/close, smooth functioning of valves.
  • Final Inspection including Dimensional, Visual, Marking, Tagging, Flow direction.
  • SRC confirmed and approved all the above activities for all valves.
  • SRC confirmed for all valves Seat Leakage Test, Functional Test & Final Inspection documents to be reviewed, signed & stamped by Bureau Veritas as well.